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We currently have a special on an all-inclusive System. This system includes 4 color/night vision cameras, all the appropriate hardware as well as Digital Video Recording software to store the video. Click Here



We have a wide variety of equipment. We can design a custom system to meet your needs.


Full Motion Color Video:

Our cameras are good quality, full-motion video; not choppy like one sees at some convenience stores.


Full Motion InfraRed:

This video was taken in 100% darkness. InfraRed does not require light to work; It "sees" heat. This means that the criminal's body heat is seen by the camera. These cameras work well in back yards where light is low. This saves money as the camera uses much less power than a light left on.


Here, the infrared camera clearly shows a criminal on the boat at the dock in the dead of night.


Remote Monitoring:

Anyone can remotely view the cameras from any PC with an internet connection. As you can see in the example below someone is monitoring the cameras on his PDA phone.

We have a wide variety of manufacturers to choose from. We would love the opportunity to arrange a private consultation to plan the best solution for your circumstance. Please call us today to arrange a free consultation.

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