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Bakersfield Tech is the dream of a local Bakersfield computer technician. Christophor Ronk first got involved in computers at a young age and started a career in the mid-90's working at Office Max selling PCs. After a year selling computers he no longer felt challenged so in 1996 he began working for Lightspeed Net in the internet technical support department; this taught him the importance of customer service and a whole lot of patience. ;) It also laid the ground work for a basic understanding of connecting LANs with the internet and further honed his troubleshooting skills. After a couple years working for Lightspeed they were sold and employees went their own ways. Over the next couple years Christophor had the privilege of working for many companies including a local computer store where he worked himself up to store manager and was in charge of running the entire store from ordering parts, building computers, and setting up networks. This gave him a good foundation in computer fundamentals.

In 1999 Christophor got a job offer as an IT Support Technician to assist in building an Internet Service Provider from the ground-up. Two weeks into his employment the MIS director resigned and gave two-week's notice. It was a very turbulent time and he received a crash-course in building networks. He provisioned two DS3s, one standard for internet backbone and the other channelized for providing DS1 service to customers. Before a replacement MIS director could be found, Christophor had taken it upon himself to work long hours and learn the material he needed to excel. He obtained Microsoft certifications as well as a Cisco Certified Network Administrator. Before they could find a replacement director Christophor had accomplished the goals set forth by the company. Within two months of being employed he built an ISP nearly from the ground-up. He spent the next two years helping to build the first wide-spread 802.11 wireless internet service in Bakersfield. He managed and configured hundreds of customer's equipment and routed 12 class Cs. He also wrote and conducted classes on computer networking and subnetting.

After two years of working hard for the ISP, Christophor moved on to start a consulting business. In November of 2001 he started Bakersfield Tech. In the beginning he was simply a sub-contractor for larger businesses but in time he broke away to pursue his own customers.



As of 2007 Bakersfield Tech has been in business for 6 years. Over the years business has grown and new members have been added to the team that is dedicated to providing the best customer service at a fair price. Bakersfield Tech is the culmination of over 12 years work experience and a fair amount of "book learning" thrown in for good measure in order to provide knowledgeable people when needed most: when dealing with mission critical data and the hardware that manages it.

You are the future. Bakersfield Tech is determined to keep its customers happy. We will go the extra mile to keep the customer coming back. With the computer industry the way it is in Bakersfield, the market has been flooded with people that look good on paper but end up falling short. We ask that you give us a call and give us an opportunity to earn your valuable business.
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