Computer Networking Consultation: With 15 years experience in the Bakersfield area we offer a wide range of expertise in the computer field. Whether you are setting up a home network or building an ISP from the ground up we have done it and we can help you. A network administrator often only sees one network. After having seen thousands of networks and configurations it is important who you trust with yours.


Video Surveillance : With We have a great line of video surveillance equipment. So much in fact we have a section of the web site dedicated to it. To view our surveillance area, Click Here.


System Integration:Our plethora of work experience insures that we have been in many situations before.Not everything comes out of the box ready to use. It helps to have someone there who can make things work. The computer field has really jumped forward in the last few years. Everything is capable of inter-connecting but these things don't happen by themselves. We are experts at making devices talk; whether you want your web server to talk to your mail server, your database server to talk to your workstations, or you just want your home PC to talk to your PDA, we can do it!


Web site Design and Hosting : Whether it is a simple splash page or a complex online store; we have your online solution. We have the experience needed to build an entire internet service department from scratch and anything short of that. If you want to build an internet server that runs on your corporate DSL line or you want us to handle everything for you we can meet with you to determine your needs. After that we can design and host a web site that meets and exceeds your needs on a budget.


Offsite Backup: We have a custom-written backup solution that insures that your data will be available to you should loss of your primary site occur. We have been involved with companies recovering important data from their computers after tragic loss of data even after they had the best backup system money can buy. The backup media is only as safe as its immediate surroundings. If it falls victim to fire or abuse. It is nice to know that if you lost your server and or building you could put the pieces back together and get your data back.


Two Way Radios: In remote locations sometimes it is needed to do it the old fashioned way. Reliability when "I am out of cell service" wont do. Two way radios work when nothing else will. We can get your radios to work one mile away. and we can get you radios that work 300 miles away. We can also use these radios to track assets such as cars and equipment. Let us know your needs and we can accommodate them


Custom software programming: In Have you ever had a piece of software that just did what you needed and not what you WANTED? We can plan custom software to integrate with networks and databases and create a suite that fits your needs exactly. You can basically design a piece of software through us to do exactly what you want it to without relying on someone else to guess and make a large program suitable for everyone as a whole. Businesses are unique and as such they have unique demands from their programs.










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